Saturday, April 11, 2009

One Block Diet?

Well, maybe in some parts of the world this is feasible! The folks at Sunset Magazine in California are doing this and blogging here. From what I can gather, they've divided their staff into *teams* for the various categories, which include Team Bee, Team Beer, Team Cheese, Team Chicken, Team Garden, Team Kitchen, Team Olive, Team Salt, Team Vinegar, and Team Wine. Each of the teams has their own blog, listed on the site's sidebar. Though they say they have an RSS reader, for some reason it doesn't seem to be compatible with our sidebar in order for recent posts to show here, so that's the main reason I'm featuring them here. (Do check some of the blogs in the sidebar, though. They're amusing and informative, not necessarily in that order.)

There's lots of great information and many hours worth of reading in the areas that might interest you. These aren't seasoned pros--they're regular folk with an interest in knowing where their food comes from and who've made a decision to experiment with growing it all themselves.

Kudos to Sunset Magazine and their staff.

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