Saturday, August 1, 2009


This morning our beekeeping mentor, Lew, stopped by to visit 'his' bees. (The guy that never wears a bee suit!)

He says they're doing really well! He put his finger into one of the combs and let some liquid honey drip onto my finger. Oh. My. Word! Have you ever had honey THAT fresh? Delightful. Warm from the sun, gentle sweetness. Oh, wow. I can hardly wait to extract some of it and start using our very own honey!! (Our old honey, purchased from other local beekeepers, will probably land up in new batches of mead, lol!)

Here Jim and Lew are looking over the supers already in place.

Yup. They've been busy little bees!

In fact, they then placed our very last supers in place. This means we either need to buy more supers...or extract honey in the next week or so in order to reuse the ones we have. Yay!


  1. Brian & Kathy are set up for extracting, we did about 200lb on weds

  2. Wow, that was fast! Will you have to move the hives to shelter in the winter, or do they just stay where they are?

  3. they will stay where they are and we will winterise the hives for winter. basically just wrap some insulation around the hive. it doesn't get much colder than -20c around here. and then only for short periods of time.